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Sticks 96 Golf Club Fittings

Custom Golf Club Fittng

Using ForeSight launch monitors and advanced club fitting technologies, you will be professionally fit by a trained and certified technician at Sticks 96 Golf. Brand specific cart fittings are available along with a Club-Conex adapter system to ensure that you get the best fit and highest quality built clubs that will improve your golf game.  We fit every club in the bag from Driver, Fairway woods, Hybrids, Irons, Wedges and the Putter.  Our fittings include proper yardage gapping to make sure that every club fits the needs of YOUR game.  


Fitting Objective

To help golfers of all skill levels play better golf.  By integrating the latest in equipment technologies combined with our proprietary fitting system our customers will hit longer, straighter shots and enjoy the game to its FULLEST!



Getting your golf clubs custom fit and custom built at Sticks 96 Golf is an experience that will take your game to the next level.  Whether you are a beginner, an average player or a low-handicap golfer, you can take strokes off your score by matching your equipment to your natural swing. The first step is a complete evaluation of your swing.  Using our proprietary D’Lance software system, the Foresight GC2 launch monitor and simulator an accurate profile of shot pattern and tendencies is developed.  From this step, critical information such as spin rate, launch angle, club head speed, ball speed, angle of attack, and other information is captured and analyzed. A complete evaluation of this data along with the Club-Conex system is used to dial in the best combination of club shaft, head, and grip to fit your unique swing.   Your custom club fitter will continually provide you with insight into the proper equipment to reach your game improvement goals. Once the fitting is complete all clubs can be custom built, in-house, by our technicians.  Each club will be built to exact frequency (flex), swing weight, length, loft and lie.  In addition, each shaft will be spine aligned to ensure the tightest shot dispersion. Upon completion you will own golf clubs that are perfectly matched, not only throughout the set, but also to your individual swing characteristics resulting in:

Only by custom fitting AND custom building clubs can you be assured that your golf clubs are exactly what you ordered and what you need.


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Fitting Options & Pricing

One-time fee: Based on the level of fitting service purchased, there is no charge for future fittings within the same category.  


Added Costs: Any equipment required (shafts, grips, ferrules, etc.) to adjust or build your custom-fit clubs will be added to the price of the fitting.  Installation costs are included.


3 ways to fit:         


Full Bag Fitting - approximately 3-5 hours - $250

To properly hit your golf clubs, do you need different swings for different clubs?  Ideally, your set of clubs are consistent (flex, length, weight progression, loft/lie) and match your swing, but chances are your set of clubs was acquired from 4-5 separate purchases.  This fitting level ensures that your entire set of clubs from Driver to the Wedges are 1) properly fit and frequency matched to your unique swing and 2) consistent so that you need one swing to perform at your best across all the clubs in your bag.      


Driver & Fairway Fitting - approximately 1-2 hours - $125

If you wanted to custom fit just one club in your bag, make sure the Driver is set up to fit your swing.   This club is all about distance + accuracy with the maximum delivery of power.   Club head, club length, launch angle, spin rate, ball speed and shaft weight/flex are critical to ensure your carry distance, overall distance & shot dispersion are optimized.  There are endless graphite shaft options available.  Since this club is likely the biggest investment in your bag – let’s make sure it is set up to perform for you!   

Want to hit that par 5 green in two? The FW wood fitting will focus on the optimum combination of shaft, head and loft to bring you increased distance, improved launch angle as well as more consistent performance in your long fairway clubs.  Get ready to lower your scores!


Iron & Hybrid Fitting - approximately 1-2 hours - $125

Distance control and tight shot dispersion are the goals with your iron and hybrid play.  This fitting will focus on these aspects by ensuring the best shaft fit, lie angles and loft/gaps for your iron/hybrid set.  By having the optimum shaft and lie angle you will improve the consistency of your ball striking resulting in better distance control and more greens in regulation.  We hope you like putting for birdies!


Wedge Fitting - approximately 30 minutes - $50  

The wedges are your scoring clubs.  Ensuring you have the proper loft gaps, lie angles and bounce are critical to performing your best from 125 yards and in.    Confidence comes from consistent ball striking and distance control.  The pros dial in their wedges to achieve this perfect combination.  Why shouldn’t you?  You will hear the phrase “that’s good” more frequently with a proper set of wedges.


Putter Fitting - approximately 30-60 minutes - $50; $25 with purchase of a new putter

The ability to make a proper and repeatable putting stroke along the intended line starts with having a putter that is right for you.  With this fitting we identify and recommend the length of the putter, type of putter, loft and lie angle of the putter and help you with your alignment and weighting. 


Junior Fitting - approximately 30-60 minutes - up to age 16 - $75

Kids grow fast and the clubs that fit them last year probably don’t fit them this year.  Cut down clubs can also create bad habits due to inappropriate swing weight, grip size and club length.  If you want your kids to learn to play golf and enjoy the game, let us fit them properly.  This fitting will include set make-up, length, lie, loft, weight, flex, grip size and we might even step into the fitting bay and hit some shots.   By the way, for the one-time fee they can come back each year up to age 16 and be fit for free!


Senior Fitting - 50% discount for golfers 60+ years of age for fittings (Monday - Thursday only)

All golfers can benefit by being professionally fit with the right clubs.  At Sticks 96 Golf we want our customers to play the game and enjoy it to its fullest.  For our senior players, we offer many of our fittings at a discounted rate.  We want you to shoot your age over and over again! 


Golf Ball Fitting - approximately 15-30 minutes - $25 or free with purchase of 2 dozen balls

The best golf ball for your game cannot be found from a TV commercial, magazine ad, web site or with a ball retriever.   The best way is to conduct your own test in our fitting bay.  This will provide you with real data on back spin, side spin, and ball speed and carry distance.  In 15-30 minutes we can test your top 5 ball choices and provide you confidence on the best ball for you.