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Sticks 96 Golf Repair Shop

Repair Shop

Make sure that your clubs are always up to par. Sticks 96 Golf provides on-site full service club repairs, from high-tech repairs to simple re-gripping.  All work is performed in a timely manner, with a guarantee on workmanship and materials. Great care and pride is taken by the work done in our shop. We treat your clubs as if they were our own.


Repair Services & Pricing Per Club 


Grip Install (customer grip) 

$5.00 per club

$40.00 per set

Loft/Lie Adjustment 

$9.00 per club

$50.00 per set

Frequency Check    

$5.00 per club 

$40.00 per set

Install Customer Adapter

$10.00 per club


Head Re-Epoxy 

$10.00 per club


Club Re-shaft

$25.00 per club 

$30.00 bore thru

Lengthen Shaft   

$10.00 per club

$60.00 per set

Shorten Shaft 

$5.00 per club


Remove Broken Shaft  

$15.00 per club


Replace Ferrule         

$10.00 per club


Remove Rattle 

$12.00 per club

$35.00 shaft removal

Swing-Weight Adjustment

$10.00 per club


Club Grinding / Stamping

Job specific




Give us a call or stop by; professionally trained, qualified and certified technicians are on staff to answer any questions.